Cover of Jimmy and Me, by Lew Bracker

Announcing: “JIMMY & ME”

There have been over 200 books written about James Dean over the years since his tragic car crash. It seems everyone has remembered, reminisced, examined, re-examined, defied and worshipped James Dean.

To one man, however, the modern interpretations of James Dean ring hollow. For him, James Dean is not a mythical figure, but a living memory. This one man has never shared his story - until now:

Lew Bracker, James Dean's closest friend.

Fulcorte Press is thrilled to offer the personal story of Lew Bracker and James Dean in Kindle format: Jimmy And Me: A Personal Memoir of James Dean. This is a very personal narrative of a friendship that began with young men talking of girls, old movies and cool cars. Its abrupt interruption will break your heart. Many of the events and conversations in this ebook have never been shared or published before. You will laugh and you will cry.

This book is not just a must-read for those having an interest in James Dean or for those curious about the real James Dean as told by the friend who knew him best. This is a compelling, brave and straightforward telling of a close friendship where the author paints a magnificent portrait of his friend, James Dean.


Announcing: Fulcorte Press, the eBook Publisher to the Car World

A new publishing venture directed at those whose hearts have overhead valves will be inaugurated in September. This is our home page where you’ll find news of what we’ve done, what we’re doing and what we are planning to do.

Fulcorte Press will bring into the digital age favorite cars books of yore as well as new ones aimed to appeal to anyone admitting to any degree of car buffery. If your head whirls when a V-12 engine rips into life, or a smile forms when a fine old brass car towers by then you belong here. Or if you set an alarm clock or a TiVo to be sure you won’t miss the airing of a distant race this is home for you.

The advantages of eBooks are many. You can load up a number of them at no extra weight for a long trip; you can decide in the middle of the night you need something new to read, search briefly online, click, and you’re reading it in a trice. You can often choose the type face and the font size in which you want to read and you can call up an eBook on many portable devices such as a Kindle, an iPad or a smart phone.

More: eBooks can cost far less than traditional books and Fulcorte Press aims to price digital books under and Print-on-Demand books (see below) very competitively. We want scads of readers more than anything else.

Books by Sir Stirling Moss and by Lew Bracker will be initially featured by Fulcorte Press. One is a new edition of a personal story by an uncrowned champion. The other—never before published—is the poignant memoir of a close friendship with an American icon of tragedy, James Dean.

Paperbacks Too

We at Fulcorte Press still like those paper things, too. “Real” books. We like the way the thickness in your left hand grows as that in your right diminishes. We like putting a book face down, spread like a bird’s wings, when we pop off to the kitchen to fetch a cup of tea. (Maybe with a pang of guilt for the spine.) But we do like physical things to read as well as the ephemeral new stuff. So we will make our books available also as POD—print-on-demand editions. Those will be familiar of bulk, with riffle-through-able paperbacks. If the author is handy ask for an autograph. Or we will have signed version listed that you can buy.

We’ll also have other books than our own for sale on our site—car books we like and think you might, too. And we’ll have stories and photos of authors. And you can chime in with your favorite car books and suggestions for other literate car buffs.


Coming soon: All But My Life

Sir Stirling’s book All But My Life was done with Ken W. Purdy, the writer responsible for introducing more Americans to the world of sports cars than anybody else. In 1962 as Stirling lay recovering from what turned out to be a career-altering crash he was interviewed by Ken for Playboy. Stirling, always more articulate and thoughtful than most athletes in any sport, impressed Ken—and his readers. Ken asked Stirling to cooperate with him on a book-length version.

The result was All But My Life which was a success then and 20 years later when an anniversary edition was published. And now as a Fulcorte Press book it is an instant eBook with an all new Foreword by Sir Stirling and a new Afterword by Denise McCluggage about her friends, Sir Stirling and Ken Purdy, back in “the day.”

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Other Voices, Other Books

By Brooks Too Broad for Leaping, a collection of columns and articles from AutoWeek, and Mine Was Yesterday, a collection from a colorful variety of sources, by Denise McCluggage, will be made available as eBooks and POD paperbacks by Fulcorte Press by summer of 2013.

Another book is I Hadn’t Meant to Go Off-Road But… by Sue Mead, a Massachusetts automotive journalist who specializes in trucks and four-wheel drive vehicles. In 2010 she became the first woman driver to win her class in the grueling Dakar rally driving a Ford Raptor pick-up. She has also done the Baja and other off-road races.

Keep coming “home” to Fulcorte Press to see what else is coming. And if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see as a car eBook, let us know. Leave us your email and we’ll keep you up-to-date on upcoming releases and events.

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